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Enameled Cast Iron Kettle 1.8L -Omotenashi Square
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Are you looking for authentic Japanese products or Japanese products-ish? We can find many Japanese traditional styles of products everywhere at a reasonable cost, which probably doesn’t affect product functionality.  

So people purchase Japanese-style products, not authentic products when they find them in an online store or at a store. 

Just because we have not enough expanded the full aspect of the Japanese Monozukuri spirit and assume people don't know about its value yet. People may also think that expensive products have excellent quality, and excellent quality product costs expensive. It may be true in some cases.

What is Monozukuri:

Monozukuri, alternatively spelled Monodzukuri, literally means 'production' or 'making of things in Japanese and is the Japanese term for 'manufacturing'. The broader meaning encompasses a synthesis of the technological prowess, know-how, and spirit of Japan's manufacturing practices.

Enameled cast Iron Kettle

This enameled cast iron kettle is 100% handmade in Osaka Japan at a reasonable cost, ONLY USD99.89!  Classic but stylishly shaped wares perfect for pouring Coffee and Tea. 

Enameled cast iron kettle is made of high-quality enamel, Non-toxic and healthy, Solid construction, and Durable in daily use.

Unique features of these enameled cast iron kettles:
 -A beautiful body form with a gooseneck to make it easy to pour coffee into the coffee pot like a professional
 -Stylish wooden lid 
 -Four different colors, Blue, White, Gray, and Black
 -Can be used for induction and gas stove 
 -Size: W26cm x H18.5cm x D14cm (10.5"x7.3"x5.5")
 -Capacity: 1.8L, recommended capacity is 1.3L     
 -Weight: 810g
  -This enameled cast iron kettle is hand-wash only
  -Not dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Enameled Cast Iron Kettle with a gentle appearance that is handmade by craftsmen. The wooden lid emphasizes its gentle form. What makes this kettle special is that looks great on any stovetop or counter, this modern and gentle kettle will complement your kitchen.

Great for entertaining and serving family and friends, the large capacity is perfect for making multiple cups of coffee or tea.

How to order the Enameled Cast Iron kettle?

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People love the Enameled Cast Iron Kettle

 -I’m so excited about my new tea kettle!! Just ordered!!
 -Bought as a present - was very well-received. Excellent quality and true to photos and description. Very happy, and highly recommend the product and store!
 -Used this enameled cast iron kettle for my coffee to perfection
 -Beautiful and functional


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