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HARUHINO is a specialized leather craft shop established in 2014 in the ancient capital of Nara. The shop specializing in leather goods started in "Yume CUBE", a popular spot in the "Mochiidono Shopping Street" in downtown Nara.

In 2017, they relocated to a larger floor space and reopened in a new location. The shop has been known not only by local Nara residents but also by many tourists from all over Japan and abroad.

Why Omotenashi-Square recommend HARUHINO? 

1. Handcrafting each item and having visible trust through their craftsmanship.

At HARUHINO shop, they stick to handcrafting and deliver products carefully handmade one by one by skilled craftspeople. At their shop, they don’t separate the sales floor from the workshop. So you can see the production process in person at any time.

This is because they consider the connection with customers and the relationship of trust with them to be of the utmost importance. They have a large entrance and a spacious floor, so we highly recommend stopping by and taking a look if you are in Nara.

2. High-quality leather goods at a reasonable price.

Due to the high cost of the materials and the time and skill required for production, leather products tend to be expensive. However, at HARUHINO, they use high-quality materials and skilled techniques, yet they set their prices reasonably so that many customers can afford to purchase their products. They can make it happen because of their small store with an elite staff. They make their products and advertise them by themselves.

We believe that leather goods will be used for many years and for a long time. HARUHINO doesn’t compromise on quality to make good products, but they offer them at reasonable prices by utilizing their strength.

3. Passion and Philosophy

I passed by HARUHINO's store by chance when I was looking for a new manufacturing supplier using traditional techniques in Nara City.

I could see the workshop from outside the store and was fascinated to see the craftsmen working on wallets and bags. I was impressed by the variety of leather products shown in the store. I was so impressed that I bought a wallet for myself.

When I talked to the owner, “We want to offer leather products that can be used for many years while enjoying the natural properties of leather and aging and that they want to provide leather products that will grow with their customers. We want to be a brand that lives up to the name of Nara.”

Upon hearing the story, we immediately decided to enter into a partnership. We wanted to spread their great leather products and passion to as many people as possible in the world.

Omotenashi-Square's commitment is to provide only products made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen, where the spirit of monozukuri (craftsmanship) resides, and wants to share Japanese products with as many people as possible. We want to contribute to leading world peace by introducing the goodness of Japan through traditional Japanese products.

These are reasons why Omotenashi-Square put much effort into introducing its products online. Especially for those who cannot visit their tremendous craft shop in Nara, don’t worry you have us to purchase their products.

We hope you enjoy the authentic Japanese craftsmanship leather products, and we are waiting for your happy feedback!

You can check our Haruhino Wallet and Bags line-ups: 

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