About Us

Who we are?

Omotenashi-Square, LLC has established under the slogan of “Omotenashi” which expresses the Japanese traditional hospitality spirit by YoshiKo.

We would be happy if our products are not only convenient and easy to use, but also of high quality and long-lasting as tools for daily life.

We want people to smile and feel small happiness when using such products. Furthermore, we want to provide a place where people can easily find such products or discover new ones. We have a large selection of products for daily use and hobbies.

Some are things that Yoshi notices in daily life. Some are things that Yoshi's family, friends, and co-workers notice. What is the product that people use every day that makes them smile? That is all we think about.

Yoshi's commitment is to provide only products made in Japan by Japanese craftsmen, where the spirit of monozukuri (craftsmanship) resides.

There are many great products in other countries, but we, as Japanese, want to share Japanese products with as many people as possible.

We want as many people as possible to feel small happiness by using our products.

We would like to contribute to leading world peace by introducing the goodness of Japan through traditional Japanese products.

We as a Japanese company promise to demonstrate the concept of Omotenashi to every one of our guests to the fullest extent.

Company Profile

Company name: Omotenashi-Square, LLC 
Principal office: Osaka, Japan
Email address: info@omotenashi-square.com
URL: https://omotenashi-square.com/
Company logo: Using calligraphy brush to associate our company name with Japanese KANJI, and using vermilion to express the national flag color.
Vermilion is known as Kurenai-iro (紅色) which is slightly purple-ish red. Kurenai is a makeup made of natural red pigment derived from safflower.   

Our Staff

Yoshi is CEO and Procurement Director
I am Japanese from Tokyo, currently living in Osaka. I am now mainly in charge of purchasing. My hobbies are amateur boxing and traveling. I am trying to purchase traditional products from all over Japan for both hobby and profit. I would like to talk directly with the producers to confirm the quality of the products and deliver the products with the producer's thoughts.
Ko is Marketing Director
I am a Japanese living in Osaka. I am in charge of sales and marketing. I am the bridge between you and our company. Having lived abroad as a child, I was able to experience the culture and lifestyle of the country and learn many wonderful things about it. Now I would like to let as many people as possible know the good things about Japan, where I was born. My goal is to shorten the distance between us by getting to know each other, even if only a little, and make you feel happy!

Our line of products/producers

We provide selected authentic Japanese products such as: 
-Japanese Tableware & Cookware, Bags & wallets, Japanese Calligraphy items,  Japanese folding fans, and more! 

Japanese traditional producers from: 
Kyoto・Nara・Osaka・Wakayama・Ishikawa・Niigata・Yamanashi・Aomori・Ehime, and more from all over Japan. Omotenashi Square


On September 7, 2013, Tokyo won the bid to host the games for the 2020 Summer Olympics, and the Japanese capital, Tokyo will be hosting a summer edition for the second time.

As a matter of the fact, the 2020 Summer Olympics postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will likely open on July 23, 2021.
During the presentation by the Japanese members, “OMOTENASHI” was described as the culture of Japanese hospitality.

OMOTENASHI is the spirit of unconditional hospitality that has been passed down to us by our ancestors, one generation to the next. 

The origin of OMOTENASHI has two meanings. The first one comes from “MONO WO MOTTE NASHITOGERU”. That means to carry through with something, that is something being a product or service. (or hosting a guest)

We say carry through because it is not just about providing the service or just making the sale, but the entire process begins with welcoming the customer and providing the service and at the end accompanying them and sending them off with doing the best that you can, all that you can.

The second meaning comes from “URA OMOTE NASHI” which means that it is not two-sided or two-faced. OMOTENASHI is a genuine act of hospitality, you are not seeking something in return.

We do have to admit, the spirit of OMOTENASHI isn’t as evident in our daily lives as it probably was back in the day. I believe our business will raise our consciousness and awareness of the spirit once again and welcome you with OMOTENASHI which only Japanese people can.Omotenashi Square

What brings us to start our business?

Especially Tokyo has been recognized for its efficient transportation system, its cleanliness, and how friendly its people are. Tokyo boasts a spectacular shopping and dining scene. We have been awarded the most Michelin stars in the entire world. As for Japan, Mt. Fuji, Sakura, Bullet trains, and Sushi, might come up to mind as Japan’s image. These are in common when you describe Japan or Tokyo.

But we wonder if these are enough to have people know the goodness of Japan? What else can we do for people to experience Japan's many charms and OMOTENASHI?

As such, we started “Omotenashi-Square, LLC” on 25 Nov 2019 and this is an entity that provides selected Japanese products and spreads a lot of charms of Japan on the internet.

Our website introduces selected Japanese products, the producer of the products, the Japanese culture, and all about Japan. Moreover, you can find what you look for and we provide you with an “OMOTENASHI” spirit.

We are confident to spread the charms of Japan with our selected products and information not only to the people who know Japan but also to the people who have never paid attention to Japan before.Omotenashi Square

Omotenashi Square