The signs of spring! Sakura related items!!

Article published at: Mar 27, 2021 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
The signs of spring! Sakura related items!!
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Sakura, cherry blossoms are known of The signs of spring. Spring is such a good season we can relax and new beginning of many things.

Omotenashi-Square has some items which relates to Sakura, Sakura color all hand made by Japanese craftworker.     

Sakura wrist watch. The KAORU series marks a new challenge for Japanese watch manufacturer. Memories are made up of more than just landscapes. Memories are the air and the scents from places you’ve been. That’s why our watches have evolved from devices just for telling time, into devices that also deliver fragrances. This is Japanese technology.

Sakura pattern Mt. Fuji old glass from Tokyo. This beautiful glass, Mt. Fuji is skillfully embedded by craftsmen into the base of the glass and Sakura Kiriko pattern.  You can enjoy the color of Mt. Fuji changes with your drink and the view of Mt. Fuji changes as well so that you can always see various expressions of Mt. Fuji.  
Crafted by skilled craftsmen, each glass is carefully made and has a deep taste and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else. Along with a wooden box.

Sakura color Japanese iron Tea Pot from Japanese Nambu Tekki. Japanese Nambu Tekki, the cast iron teapot from Nambu Tekki Japan. The superior quality, beauty and lasting durability of Nanbu Tekki products have earned them the worldwide reputation as the leading manufacturer of authentic Japanese tetsubin.

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