The 2nd Kyoto International Gift Show/Japanese products show

Article published at: Mar 9, 2021 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
The 2nd Kyoto International Gift Show/Japanese products show
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Long-awaited show which introduces tons of best Japanese traditional products will be held this week at Kyoto. The show was supposed to hold last year however due to declaration of a state of emergency, the show has been postponed. During the circumstances we have been facing, we understand people are intend to purchase essentials rather than specialty products as such we sell.

So that we have enough time to prepare to improve our business by finding new and not yet well known products but products with good quality made by Japanese craftmanship. This show, approx. 400 companies will participate, gives us a great opportunity to find new products and boost our line-up to introduce over the world.

Below are product categories the show introduces.

  1. Fashion and beauty-related items such as fashion accessories, bags, shoes, and stoles, clothes, and accessories.
  2. Food and kitchenware including grocery, beverages, confectionery, local specialties, vegetables, healthy food, supplements, and cooking equipment.
  3. Home décor, furniture, arts, potteries, garden décor, camping gear, flower & green, stationery, educational toys, pet supplies etc.

And more.

We are looking forward to introduce you new products and looking forward to have connection with all of you after the pandemic is over.

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