Sakura Season has come!

Finally, Sakura season has come and all the cherry blossoms have bloomed. Shukugawa city in Hyogo Prefecture is one of the famous Sakura (Cherry blossoms) area. 

Even we are living through the pandemic, we can at least relax and feel the spring with these full bloomed Sakura. There were no people who enjoying Cherry blossom viewing compared with other seasons due to during the lock-down, however people enjoyed the signs of spring.

It is very sad that people cannot visit Japan from all over the world and cannot experience the Sakura season, and Cherry blossoms are in full bloom for about a week. We really hope this pandemic will end soon and people will come back to Japan to see and experience Japanese charms. Of course, we want to visit to all over the world as well. At least we can get connected via Internet and we will try to deliver good points of Japan to all of you!! 

Be safe and stay healthy. 


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