Our new attempt! Do you know Kimono Haori?

Article published at: May 25, 2021 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
Our new attempt! Do you know Kimono Haori?
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We have been thinking how to introduce authentic Japanese products that symbolize Japan and unique one you have not had ever through our online shop.

Kimono itself has been known over the world however only a few people have used it since putting on a kimono is difficult and also it is difficult to get an authentic Kimono in abroad. 

As a Japanese online-shop under the slogan of  "Omotenashi” which express the Japanese traditional hospitality spirit, we came up with an idea to introduce Kimono's charm by introducing a product using Kimono's fabric, silk.

Collaboration with one of a top-notch manufacturer in Osaka, IZ HAORI. They reuse Kimono fabric such as silk fabric and remade into a new design, HAORI, Japanese jacket. 

Their HAORI is one-of-a-kind and there will be no more same one ever because they use many different kinds of Kimono fabric together.

Haori is a knee-length garment worn over the kimono on formal occasions. It is fastened loosely in front by short braided cords. All products are made from high quality Japanese kimono such as silk fabric and remade into a new design. Highly skilled craftsmen process the materials and take the time to carefully repair them one by one.  

Check out below items. Available right now on our online-shop!! 



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