Japanese Calligraphy items, Nara Fude/ Nara Brushes

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Japanese Calligraphy items, Nara Fude/ Nara Brushes
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Our top seller item, Japanese calligraphy Nara fude! 

You can find an authentic and the most important item among Japanese calligraphy items here at Omtenashi-Square, Nara fude. Check our product line up here

We are one of the shopping site to provide Nara fude, and we are quite confident that it is rather difficult to get Nara fude items through other internet shopping sites, since we have reliable relationship with our partner, Akashiya Co, Ltd. founded in 1716AD at Nara Prefecture, Japan.

They produce Calligraphy brush, ink but also calligraphy tools, paintbrush, ink painting brush, brush pen and quite recently a makeup brush too. 

The writing brush, or fude, became an essential writing tool on the Japanese archipelago during the Kofun period. The origins of Nara fude are said to go back to the eighth century, when the introduction of Buddhism led to the establishment of places to copy the sutras.

The hair for these brushes is taken from lambs, horses, the Japanese raccoon, or even cats. The shafts are usually made of bamboo, but are sometimes fashioned from wood.

The selected hair is first boiled to remove any kinks and to soften. Enough hair is cut to the same length and bound at one end with a linen thread.

This bundle of hair is then introduced into its shaft and fixed with an adhesive.

The tip of the brush is either left as it is or is given a coat of gum or funori to bring the hairs together into a point.

Each kind of brush, be it wide or narrow, has a purpose om calligraphy or painting.

But whatever its purpose, it becomes an extension of the hand of the person using it, giving expression to their words and thoughts, and lending a distinctive style and expressive quality to the characters and images that it is used to write or draw.



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