Fluffy and Low Friction Japanese Imabari Towels

Article published at: Apr 22, 2023 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
Fluffy and Low Friction Japanese Imabari Towels
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One of the products I use daily is bath towels, using after a bath or shower, and hand towels after washing hands and face. Since I use these products every day, I want to use comfortable and fluffy towels. 

One of my favorite towels is Imabari Towel. Imabari has led the towel industry for 120 years as the mecca of towel production. The area has established its position as a representative of Japanese quality with its “safe, secure, and high quality” products. 

The towels’ softness and good water absorbency have gained popularity in exhibits abroad, and their name is recognized around the world. The more I use them, the more they become softer and easier to use.

We have provided Imabari towels to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Korea, and many European countries. We are happy to be able to provide many people with quality towels for their daily use.

There are also various types of towels within the Imabari towel line-up, such as towels that are gentle to the touch for those with sensitive skin and towels that place importance on not damaging hair, depending on the intended use.

The logo of Imabari Towel is a red, blue, and white stripe. Red is the color of energy, passion, progressiveness, liveliness, movement, and impact. imabari towel is positioned as a product that is recognized in society and represents Japan. Blue is a color with a positive image of assured quality, trust, history, tradition, and calmness. This symbolizes the imabari towel’s high quality based on its history and tradition. And White is the color of purity with an image of kindness, cleanliness, innocence, healing, and gentle and caring love. This signifies the infinite possibilities of the Imabari towel.


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