Japanese Kitchen Santoku Knife from Seki City Japan

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Japanese Kitchen Santoku Knife from Seki City Japan
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The craftsmanship of this piece is beyond words. 

The Meoto Knives, Japanese kitchen Santoku knife, and petty knife are crafted by a Japanese knife maker, operating out of the well-known knife-making city of Seki, in Gifu Prefecture in collaboration with Tsubame Sanjo artisans, a town well known for metal processing in Nigata Prefecture.

MEOTO means a married couple, a lifelong partner in Japanese. The Meoto Knife concept makes couples or partners smile to use the knife in cooking and wishes to tie a close bond with each other by spending more precious time.

Kitchen Santoku Knife 

The kitchen Santoku knife is 100% handmade in Seki City Japan an authentic knife at a reasonable price, USD152.45!  Classic but stylishly shaped knives are perfect for your daily cooking. 

Unique features of these knives are:
-The kitchen Santoku knife is a very unique knife, unlike many other general knives.
-The handle and the blade are just beautiful and it’s sharp as anything out of the box.
-They have an aggressive, durable edge, wide bevel, and rounded, adorable natural wooden handle with a highly waterproof finish.
-Great feel in the hand and a beautiful flat seamless profile between the blade and handles.
-Easy to clean up, with no mess no fuss. 

Style: Santoku

The meaning of the word Santoku clearly explains what it is best used for: the ‘three virtues’ or ‘three uses’ of chopping, dicing and mincing. 
Best used for
 -Cutting meat
 -Slicing cheese
 -Slicing, chopping, or dicing fruits, vegetables, and nuts
 -Mincing meat or herbs

Size: Blade Length 165mm(6.5")/Total length 295mm(12")
Material: High Carbon/Molybdenum stainless
Weight: 165g
Made in: Seki city Gifu Prefecture Japan

Shipping Cost:

It may vary depending on the destination or number of sets.
 -A set costs USD49 to most destinations by DHL express

Customs Charges & Taxes

Please note that our product prices do not include customs charges or taxes. You are responsible for paying any such amounts for your location.

Why purchase the kitchen Santoku knife now?

Here in Japan, the delivery date takes longer because of the difficulty of procuring materials and the shortage of craftspeople. 

No worries, we have a sufficient quantity of knives in stock because we have a special contract with the producer in Seki City. If you purchase now, you can have it for sure only at this time. Visit our product page now at Japanese Kitchen Chef's Knife Santoku. Don't miss this opportunity and just add it to the shopping cart. 

How to order the kitchen Santoku knife?

Just add it to the shopping cart if you think it is worth using it. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter, please subscribe first before you place an order. You will get a 10% discount code for your first purchase. Please note that our product prices do not include customs charges or local taxes. You are responsible for paying any such amounts for your location.

All the procedures of your order

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How many days it would take to receive the order?

We use DHL express, the world’s leading logistics company, for delivery to most countries and usually, it takes 3 to 5 business days after it has shipped to the US or Australia from Osaka Japan. In some remote regions would take more time. You can track your shipment in real time because we will send you your tracking number for DHL express when it has shipped.

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