Do you like to experience new Japanese item?

Article published at: Dec 28, 2020 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
Do you like to experience new Japanese item?
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We recommend Japanese lifestyle and fashion brand, SIWA whose products are created from a new and trademarked Japanese paper "washi" called Naoron, from Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

Very new and unique product, people have not yet experienced its soft touch but durable created from Japanese paper "washi". 

We are seeing increased demand for SIWA products because it is getting to know as the most promising products of Japan. Moreover it is still rare and valuable product which you cannot easily purchase in your region.

From our experience using SIWA items, it is very usable in our daily life and what most surprise us is its ultra lightweight. I use PC tablet sleeve putting in my bag everyday but I don't feel the weight at all. 

For laundry purpose, SIAW laundry box helps a lot because of its lightweight. My former laundry box was okay but it was made by wood and when I put all clothes in the box, it was a little bit heavy and annoying.

When I start using this SIWA laundry box, I could not trust the durability, sure it is made from Japanese paper and we all know that paper is soft and easy to tear.  BUT this was not what I was worried about. Seeing is believing, check out its feature here!

Laundry Box M pink and brown

Other items we have now in stock!  

Mask holder

The more you use, the texture increases over time.

Lets experience new and unique Japan made product!





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