Celebrating our 1st year Anniversary

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Celebrating our 1st year Anniversary
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Celebrating our first year anniversary!!
Thankfully we are able to celebrate our very first anniversary. 

We launched our business in July, 2020 with a concrete vision which is to contribute to lead the world peace by introducing the goodness of Japan through the traditional Japanese products.

Time flies when we are hell-bent on spreading the goodness of Japan especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. So it is no surprise that we are celebrating our first year.

Originally the Tokyo Olympic was scheduled to take place in July, 2020 therefore our business was assumed starting with the timing of Tokyo Olympics and we expected many people would visit Japan and could be a great opportunity to spread the attraction / charms of Japan both locally and globally. We wanted to be the one providing many traditional Japanese products and meeting visitor's request in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, the Olympic itself has been postponed due to the pandemic and people could not visit/enter Japan for even sightseeing and the like, Japan was really an Isolated Island in the end.

After we all overcame many difficulties, the Olympic may take place starting from 23rd of July 2021. Well we are not sure if they should proceed with the Olympics, only god knows, it is just a thought. If it is happening, we will strive to do our best what we wanted to.

Honestly these days it is not that difficult to purchase Japanese products or something alike in a reasonable price on the global market place. In other words, it is no longer a unique product and it's hard to tell the difference. However we only offer products which are all made by Japanese skilled and experienced craftworker and all products are MAKE (MADE) in JAPAN. In addition manufactures are carefully selected throughout Japan. So we are very proud of introducing those authentic Japanese products and we can recommend the products with confidence.

We have over 3000 visitors from over 20 countries such as United States of America, Australia, Singapore, Germany and more. We did not expect that so many people would visit our online shop during the COVID-19 pandemic. We would like to thank you for all of you.

Below are our popular products customer purchased from us. 
#1 Mt. Fuji 3D glass with certificate
-Hand-blown glass, each item finished by Tajima skilled craftsman. This glass come along with Wooden Edo box and the official certificate of authenticity which verify the authenticity of this item manufactured by Tajima Glass in Japan. This glass was awarded the Grand Prize and JTA Director's Award at the Souvenir Grand Prix 2015. 
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Received nice reviews from the customers! 
"Perfection Made in Glass"/"Beautiful classic design"/"Well made and lovely"

#2 Patterned Natural Brush Pen
-This item was number 1 seller for the first 5 months. Many people knows SHODO, Japanese calligraphy however they did not know how to and what to need to start. So that we offered this brush pen to make it simple and easy to start Shodo. Akashiya's brush pen is exactly right product. Now we have new patterns such as Sakura, Goldfish, Crane, Daruma, and more which symbolizes Japan.
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#3 Cast Iron Teapots and Teakettles
-Cast Iron teapots and teakettles from Iwate Prefecture, well known as Nambu Tekki and you see many of those on the global market place. Our strength is that we have many line-ups of different shapes of Nambu Tekki.  
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#4 Imabari Towels
We are also using Imabari Towels in our daily life and we can see how good and gentle it is by using it. Even though there are many towels, Japan made good quality towels are amazing!  Imabari towel is a big hit in our store. The more you use, the softness increases over time.
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Received nice reviews from the customers! 
"Soft and absorbent"/"Nice touch I love this Samurai color towels"

#5 Japanese handheld mirror
-Kind reviews and many thanks emails from purchased customer. It is reasonable but with beautiful Japanese traditional pattern with gold leaf from Kanazawa city, Ishikawa Prefecture. Great product for a gift to your close friend or family. Also the mirror is using in the beauty store in the US.  
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Thank you so much again and thank you for having interest in Japanese products. We appreciate for your continuous support.

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