Authentic Japanese Top 5 Products You need to buy now!

Article published at: Jul 23, 2022 Article author: OmotenashiSquare
Authentic Japanese Top 5 Products You need to buy now!
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There are so many attractive and practical Japanese products, but Omotenashi-Square mainly selects only Japanese traditional crafts which are not easy to find it overseas.

The most notable features are that Japanese craftsmen make our products using the technique cultivated by generations of artisans.

Because of its good quality, you can use it for a long time.  However, it is difficult to find what products suit your taste. Some products make great Japanese souvenirs for you and your close friend.

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1. Stationery: Authentic Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy (Shodo) Set: Authentic artisan-made Japanese calligraphy (Shodo) supplies. Buy individual brushes (Fude) or sets with inkstones (Sumi) and paper (Washi). If you are self-learning Shodo, start with Kaisho. Kaisho is the foundation of Shodo. 

Calligraphy Set Collection 

Coloring Fude Brush Pen: Recently some people have an interest in the Coloring Fude Brush Pen which has a variety of colors and uses an authentic brush pen, not for calligraphy purposes but drawing purposes.

Colorful Brush Pen Set

2. Tea Kettles: Cast Iron Kettle

Iwate Nambu-Tekki Kettles: Traditional artisan-made Japanese teapots and kettles featuring authentic rustic designs made from cast iron, copper, and ceramics. The Cast Iron Kettle is from Iwate Prefecture.

Nambu ironware, known as Nambu tekki is a form of metalwork produced in the city of Morioka in Iwate prefecture. It is a traditional handicraft that was first created in the middle of the Edo period (1603-1868). 

Cast Iron Tea Pot & Kettle

Enameled Cast Iron Tea Kettle: A gooseneck enamel cast iron drip kettle is 100% handmade in Osaka Japan. Very Suitable for brewing coffee at home. 

Enameled Cast Iron Drip Kettle 

3. Drinkware: Japanese Handmade Glass

Edo Kiriko: The Edo Kiriko glass exquisite pieces are made by artisans using the Edo Kiriko (cut glass) method in which colors and patterns are cut into the glass.

Edo Kiriko is designated by the Japanese government as traditional national craftwork and is a product that is unique to Japan and that has been one of the best Japanese souvenirs.

Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass Sakura

Mt. Fuji Whiskey Glass: These elegant Japanese hand-blown glasses feature a 3D model of Mt. Fuji in its base that changes color to match the beverage!

Carefully crafted by the master artisans at the renowned Tajima Glass, they make a perfect gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Awarded the Grand Prize and JTA Director's Award at the Souvenir Grand Prix 2015, this set of two glasses comes in a traditional wooden box along with a certificate of authenticity.

Mt. Fuji Whiskey Glass

 4. Earthenware: Cooking Pot (Donabe) & Donburi Bowl

Clay Cooking Pot for IH: Eco-friendly Japanese earthenware clay pot from Yokkaichi Banko Ware is good to conduct heat evenly and it steadily cooks the food. A dome lid allows heat to circulate. The lid has a small hole that acts as a steam vent and gives you a heads-up when it's boiling. 

Donabe (Clay Cooking Pot for IH) Bank Ware 

Donburi Bowl: This donburi bowl is made by artisans in Mino, known as the number one producer of pottery in Japan. A traditional Japanese Mino earthenware donburi bowl with a bellflower pattern. The bellflower was the motif of the family crest used by Akechi Mitsuhide. 

Donburi Bowl Mino Ware

Donabe (Rice Cooking Pot): KAMADO SAN can be used to cook a variety of dishes and is known for its excellent heat retention and heat resistance. The inner lid helps apply pressure when cooking, allowing the food to cook evenly. 

Donabe (Clay Rice Cooker Pot ) KAMADO SAN

 5. Lacquerware (Shikki) 

 Authentic Japanese lacquerware, including exquisite chopsticks, cups, plates, and lunch boxes crafted by artisans in Yamanaka and Kiso, Japan.

Lacquer Drinkware:  An adorable shape with an amazing mouth-thin Round-Shape Lacquer Drink Cup, crafted by artisans in Yamanaka city Japan. Due to the use of natural materials, differences in wood grain and traces of knots in the wood may appear on the surface.

Round-Shape Drink Cup


Kiso Shikki Bento Box: This Japanese Lacquer Bento Box is 100% handmade in Nagano, Japan.

Perfectly sized for bringing lunch to school or the office, hiking, mountain hiking, camping, lake fishing, construction site lunch, or picnicking with a lacquer bento box (lunch box) made in Nagano Prefecture.

Lacquer Lunch (Bento) Box Two-Tier

Lacquer Chopsticks: The Japanese Lacquer chopsticks hold nice and clean easily. Little expensive chopsticks but elegant and reusable classic Japanese style, it is worth having it. This chopstick is a fun pretty way to dress up the meal. 

Lacquer Chopstick Hakkaku Bashi

Plus. Daruma Doll

The Daruma is a traditional Japanese doll, which in Japan has become a symbol of perseverance and luck. Most households in Japan have a Daruma as a lucky charm or a figure which imitates Bodhidharma. Recently, many young generations hold a Daruma because of its adorableness and unique looking.

Tokyo Daruma Dolls




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