What bring us to start the business?

Article published at: Jun 28, 2020 Article author: OmotenashiSquare Article tag: PRODUCT
What bring us to start the business?
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Especially Tokyo has been recognized for its efficient transportation system, for its cleanliness, and how friendly the people are. Tokyo boasts a spectacular shopping and dining scene. We have been awarded with the most Michelin stars in the entire world. As for Japan, Mt. Fuji, Sakura, Bullet train, Sushi, might come up in mind as Japan’s image. These are in common when you describe Japan or Tokyo.
But we wonder if these are enough to have people know the goodness of Japan? What else can we do for people to experience Japan's many charms and OMOTENASHI?
As such, we started “Omotenashi-Square, LLC” on 25 Nov, 2019 and this is an entity that provides selected Japanese products and spreads a lot of charms of Japan on the internet.
On our website, we introduce selected Japanese products, the producer of the products, the Japanese culture, and all about Japan. Moreover, you can find what you really look for and we provide you with “OMOTENASHI” spirit.
We are confident to spread the charms of Japan with our selected products and information not only to the people who knows Japan but also to the people who never pay attention to Japan before.

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