Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) Set Echizen lacquer (Rose)


Japanese Calligraphy (Shodo) Set Echizen lacquer (Rose)


An authentic Japanese Calligraphy set to experience the actual artwork Shodo.  It is the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy, in which Japanese Kanji  characters and kana characters are written with brushes and ink. 

The tools necessary for shodo are a brush, an ink stone, an ink stick, and paper. The Shodo set includes all tools except paper in a compact real Calligraphy set. 

Calligraphy Sets Details: 

Size: D305×W175×H35mm (Large Size) (12x6.9x1.4 Inches) 
Outer Box Size: D314×W185xH49mm (12x7.3x1.9 Inches)  
Weight: 1600g 
Japanese Article Number (JAN): 4963095410269
Producer: Akashiya
Made in: Nara Prefecture, JAPAN

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Our reliable partner, Akashiya Co, Ltd. founded in 1716 AD at Nara Prefecture, Japan. Japan's largest manufacturer of writing brushes, for over 300 years they have maintained the traditional skills needed to make this important tool. Akashiya have a huge range of calligraphy supplies and the largest selection of handmade fude.

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