Mt. Fuji Whiskey Glass with Gold Leaf

color: Pink

Mt. Fuji Whiskey Glass with Gold Leaf


These elegant hand-blown glasses feature a 3D model of Mt. Fuji in its base that changes color to match the beverage and is decorated with gold leaf.  Carefully crafted by the master artisans at the renowned Tajima Glass, they make a perfect gift that will be treasured for years to come.

Product details:

Mt. Fuji Glass Cup: φ92×95mm 
Wooden Box: W100×D105×H102mm
Capacity : 270ml
 -Comes with authentic certificate
 -Decorated with gold leaf
Producer: Tajima Glass 
Made in: Tokyo, Japan
Material: Lead-free glass
Japan Ariticle Number(JAN):4582256201906/1876/1913/1890/1883

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About Mt. Fuji Glass Cup:

This glass with an emphasis on usability, Mt. Fuji is skillfully embedded by craftsmen into the base of the glass.  You can enjoy the color of Mt. Fuji changes with your drink and the view of Mt. Fuji changes as well so that you can always see various expressions of Mt. Fuji. This glass was awarded the Grand Prize and JTA Director's Award at the Souvenir Grand Prix 2015. Crafted by skilled craftsmen, each glass is carefully made and has a deep taste and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else. Along with a wooden box. 

About Tajima Glass:

Established in 1956, Tajima Glass has been manufactured "Edo Glass" and for nearly a half-century we have kept the art of making Edo Glass alive, and have striven to popularize the use of Edo Glass.
"Edo Glass" has been passed down since the Edo era and Tajima Glass will continue to pass on those techniques to future generations and further broaden the appeal of Edo Glass. Tajima Glass will strive to be one of the symbols of the beauty of Japan for the next 50 years and 100 years.


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