Japanese Titanium Tumbler (Tsubame-Tsuiki)

$87.36 $99
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Japanese Titanium Tumbler (Tsubame-Tsuiki)

$87.36 $99

Tsubame brand is well known for its polishing and processing technology throughout the world. This high-end Tsubame made titanium tumbler expresses the beauty of Japan and it is not too much to say this Tsubame titanium tumbler represents Japanese tradition. 

Product Details

 -Tumbler: 70×70×H120mm (2.8x2.8x4.7 Inches) x 1 Petit size
 -Box: 12×16.5×8cm (4.7x6.5x3.1 Inches)
Weight: 285g
Capacity: 240ml 
 -Shines beautifully like a mirror surface finished by using the high technology of Tsubame-Tsuiki craftsmen.
 -The Titanium cup has a double structure of thin titanium.
 -The inside is hollow, achieving high cold and heat retention.
 -The processing for forming recesses and projections is the secret of fine creamy foaming.
Made in: Tsubame city, Niigata Prefecture Japan
Japanese Article Number(JAN): 4995284118953

A set of 2 cups are also available, good for your friend or your family. Feel free to contact us, if you have any interest. (Below picture shows 2 cups)

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What Is Tsubame-Tsuiki Copperware?

Tsubame-tsuiki copperware is a traditional technique cultivated by generations of craftsmen in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

A malleable copper plate is hammered several hundred thousand times, giving the surface a smooth and shiny appearance.

The copper's texture ages well with proper care. Copper teapots are ideal for pouring tea as the taste becomes milder due to metal ion reactions.        

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