Japanese Samurai Sword Scissors Special


This item symbolizes Japan, Samurai Sword and Japanese style room, a room with tatami flooring. I like rooms with tatami flooring because they are calming. Selling point of this item is that comes with Japanese 4 seasons photos. You can change the photo as the changing of the seasons and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of each season. 

Product details:

 -Miniature room kit: W230mm×D110mm×H190mm  
 -Overall scissor length 180mm/ Blade length Upper 87mm, Lower 82mm

 -Miniature room kit: Polyester-panel
 -Blade: stainless steel
 -Handle-seat stand: ABS
Weight: S
cissor: 73g/ Miniature room kit: 765g with battery 
 -Come with Japanese-4-seasons-photos (Change within 5 photos).

 -Miniature room has an illumination inside (LED and 3 Size AA-battery use).
 -24K (Pure gold) plating finish handmade handles.
 -Visually appealing tatami rooms are careful and nice attention to detail
Producer: Nikken Cutlery Co., LTD.  
Made in: Seki-city, Gifu Prefecture

Shipping Cost: i.e. 26USD to the United States per item.
Notes: Don't take this scissors into cabin of aircraft, please put it into check-in baggage. This scissors has sharp edge, Be careful for handling and keep it away from children.
Important note: Please note that customs charge or taxes are not included in our product price. Any customs charges or taxes upon delivery are solely the responsibility of the customer.  
About Japanese 4 seasons:
In Japan, one year is divided into four periods. The period from March to May is spring, June to August is summer, September to November is autumn, and December to February is winter. Depending on the season, the temperature and climate vary significantly.
In Spring, the symbolic scenery of spring in Japan is, in any event, cherry blossoms. Cherry blossom viewing events are held at many spots famous for their cherry blossoms. The best timing for viewing cherry blossoms in Tokyo is normally from late March to early April.
When it comes to summer events in Japan, summer festivals and fireworks are popular. From July to August, summer festivals are held across Japan, where people carrying a mikoshi (a portable shrine) on their shoulders parade through a town. At beaches and riverbanks, fireworks shows are held, where aerial fireworks are lit and color the night sky brilliantly.
In Autumn, usually in November in Tokyo, leaves of deciduous trees turn red or yellow and you can enjoy autumn leaves in the mountains and along the streets. Also, various cultural events are held during this season.
In WinterDecember 31st is called Omisoka, meaning New Year's Eve. There is a custom of eating noodles at midnight on that day. The three days after the new year begins are collectively called 'shogatsu.' People have Japanese New Year's cuisine called Osechi-ryori and drink sake to celebrate the New Year.

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