Japanese Old Fashioned Glass

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Japanese Old Fashioned Glass


Japanese old-fashioned glass from Kanazawa city Ishikawa Prefecture Japan with a wide mouth that makes it easy to put in large ice cubes. It is an old-fashioned drink glass with a beautiful design of the Japanese motif of Sakura, Hemp leaf, and Plover with gold leaf.

We recommend the old-fashioned glass as a gift for those who drink whiskey and Japanese Sake. Each motif has meaning. Sakura is the sign of Spring and Hemp leaf is wishes for the healthy growth of children a plover pattern is considered a lucky charm such as a married couple in the sense of overcoming the rough seas of the world together.

Product Details

 -Glass 74×74×84mm
 -Box 100x110x87mm 
Weight: 50g
Material: glass, gold foil  
Producer: Hakuichi 
Made in: Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture Japan
Japanese Article Number(JAN): 

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About Kanzawa Foil

Kanazawa foil, a 400-year old Kanazawa tradition.
Kanazawa accounts for more than 98% of all gold foil production in Japan. Gold leaf is used in a variety of crafts, such as lacquerware and ceramics, as well as in temples and shrines with high historical value, such as Kinkaku-Ji and Nikkō Tōshō-gū.

Gold foil has been developed the most among the 37 types of traditional craft techniques passed down from the time of the first Kaga feudal lord, Toshiie Maeda.

Noh and tea ceremonies were frequently held as part of the domain's cultural incentives which led to the development of traditional crafts. It is said that the persevering "artisan spirit" fostered by climate, topography, and the Hokuriku region itself is also the main factor for the development of gold foil.

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