Japanese Enameled Cast Iron Frying Pan

color: Black

Japanese Enameled Cast Iron Frying Pan


Japanese Enameled Cast Iron lineups are one of our top-selling items. The Enameled Cast Iron Frying Pan has different types of ways that can be used for simmering, steaming, and frying.

This enamel Frying Pan is 100% handmade in Osaka Japan. The functional pan can also be cooked using the lid. It will last long enough to be worth the money if you use it carefully. This can be one of your heirloom cookware.

Product Details

Size: 23cm
 -Total φ240 W294×H60
 -Lid  φ240×H13
 -Pan φ240×H47
 -Gross 4.0kg
 -Lid 1.8kg
 -Pan 2.2kg 
Materials: Enamel glazed cast iron
Made in: Osaka Japan
Producer: HANWA HORO 
Colors: Black, Brown, Green, Navy
  -Please note that this enameled frying pan is hand-wash only
  -Not dishwasher and microwave safe. 
  -Induction safe and gas stove safe.

Customs Charges & Taxes

 Please note that customs charge or taxes are not included in our product price. Any customs charges or taxes upon delivery are solely the responsibility of the customer. 

About Product

This two-handled enameled cast iron frying pan has a variety of cooking methods, starting with rice cooking, as well as authentic Dutch oven cuisine at home, and simmering, steaming, and frying. Food is cooked to perfection with the excellent heat storage properties of cast iron, and the all-over enamel coating prevents rust, prolonging the life of the product while making it easy to clean. The lid, which serves the dual function of a grill plate, features grill ridges, making it optimal for frying vegetables and meat to perfection.

Shipping & Inquiries

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1. Shipping Delays
Due to COVID-19, shipping may be delayed significantly depending on the courier used, the timing of the purchase, and restrictions in both Japan and the destination country. Shipping may not be available for some destinations.

2. Customs Fees & Taxes
Our product prices do not include customs fees or taxes. We have no control over these charges and cannot tell you the cost as they differ for each country. For more information, please contact your local customs office. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before purchasing. We will do our best to respond promptly.

Thank you for your understanding.

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