Japanese Edo Kiriko Tumbler Glass Set


Japanese Edo Kiriko Tumbler Glass Set


These exquisite pieces are made by artisans using the Edo Kiriko (cut glass) method in which colors and patterns are cut into the tumbler. Edo Kiriko is designated by the Japanese government as a traditional national craftwork.

These rare works symbolize Tokyo, featuring a Kasaneyarai, Nanako, Hakkaku Kagome, and Hoshi Kirko pattern. 

Product details:

 -Edo Kiriko Tumbler: φ60mm×110mm (φ2.4×4.3 Inches) 
 -Wooden Box: W85×D137×H78mm (3.3x5.4x3.1 Inches)
Material: Lead-free glass
Capacity : 220ml
Design: Selection of 4 patterns
 A. KASANEYARAI・KIKUZOKO: Kasane Yarai / Kikuzoko
 B. NANAKO: Decorating a metal surface with small dots resembling fish eggs
 C. HAKKAKU KAGOME: Standard pattern of Edo Kiriko
Producer: Tajima Glass 
Made in: Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Article Number (JAN):  4582256802578/4582256802516/4582256802547/4582256802608

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About Edo Glass:

The distinguishing aspect of Edo-kiriko is the smoothness of the cuts. Take a closer look, and you can see that the edges are all rounded. Crafted by skilled craftsmen, each glass is carefully made and has a deep taste and warmth that cannot be found anywhere else. Along with a wooden box.

It is said to have originated in 1834 in EDO when glass cutters started using emery sand to cut patterns on a transparent glass surface. In the Meiji period, cutters learned from Englishman Emanuel Hauptmann and Edo Kiriko's techniques evolved, soon establishing Edo Kiriko's traditional methodology.

There are more than a dozen Edo Kiriko patterns, they all share simple but sophisticated aesthetics. 

About Tajima Glass:

Since its establishment in 1956, Tokyo-headquartered Tajima Glass has worked to keep the art of Edo Glass alive. They use authentic traditional methods and are active in popularizing this type of glasswork and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

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