Japanese Donabe (Clay Rice Cooker Pot) BANKO-WARE


Japanese Donabe (Clay Rice Cooker Pot) BANKO-WARE


Eco-friendly clay DONABE rice cooker comes with a double lid from Yokkaichi Prefecture. Japanese Donabes are a staple in Japanese households.

Donabe can be used to cook a variety of dishes and are known for their excellent heat retention and heat resistance. The inner lid helps apply pressure when cooking, allowing the food to cook evenly.

Many people say they cannot go back to modern cookware after tasing the difference.

Product Details

  Size: W162 x D210 x H150 (6.4x8.3x5.9 Inches)
  Capacity: 2 cups (serves 2-3 people) 1,200cc 
  Weight: approx. 3.0kg
  Size: W250 x D200 x H185 (9.8x7.9x7.3 Inches)
  Capacity: 4 cups (serves 3-4 people) 2,300cc
  Weight: approx. 3.5kg
Materials: Banko clay
Made in: Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture, Japan
 -Designed and made in Japan
 -Excellent heat retention and heat resistance
 - A double inner lid to help apply pressure when cooking allowing rice to cook evenly and well.
 -Not dishwasher safe.
 -Not induction safe.
 -Use only on stove tops only.
 -Google "donabe cooking," and you will find various recipes and videos showing how to use your donabe.
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Patrick Doran6689

Japanese Donabe (Clay Rice Cooker Pot) BANKO-WARE

Jerry Elmore
Love it

Cooked my rice to perfection

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