Japanese Calligraphy Brush (Large)

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Japanese Calligraphy Brush (Large)


It's about time you get some new writing brushes? How about an authentic Japanese Calligraphy Brush?
To experience the actual artwork, Shodo is the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy, in which Japanese Kanji  characters and kana characters are written with brushes and ink. This brush is handmade. It's made 100% by hand from the beginning to the end by craftsperson. It's common for new handmade brushes to shed hair. After dozens of use, the shedding should stop.

Product details: 
 A. For Beginners, B. For Intermediates, C. For Advances 
Producer: Akashiya 
Made in: Nara Prefecture

Packing with 1 brush only
Important note: Please note that customs charge or taxes and handling fees are not included in our product price. Any customs charges or taxes and handling fees upon delivery are solely the responsibility of the customer. 

A. For beginners <HAKUHOU>
Size: φ11.5×264mm
Made of: Wool hair
Hardness: Soft
B. For intermediates <CHUHOKEN>
Size: φ12.5×265mm
Made of: Wool and Weasel hair
Hardness: Hard
C. For Advances <RAKUTSUI>
Size: φ11.5×252mm
Made of: Wool, Weasel and Raccoon hair
Hardness: Hard

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Customer Reviews

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Huimei Hsu

I spent total $80 (including $26 shipping) on this brush with a high expectation. The brush's tip splits a lot during writings. My cheaper brushes actually perform better than this one.

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