Japanese Baby Washcloths Set (5Pcs) Pon-chan

color: Pink

Japanese Baby Washcloths Set (5Pcs) Pon-chan


Highly absorbent, absorb water and soap in seconds, fluffy, easy to dry and short-pilling. New lineups of Imabari-Towels, 100% cotton-made Imabari baby washcloths embroidered with Pon-chan character. 
All baby washcloths are made in Imabari city Japan using their traditional methods and IMABARI TOWEL JAPAN certification that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards. 

The baby washcloths made in Imabari are high-quality and are highly reliable, so you can use them with confidence even for babies.

Getting an Imabari baby washcloths would be a great gift that people would be happy with. It is worth trying these fluffy washcloths.

Product Details:

Size: 340 x 350mm (14 "x 14") x 5 sheets
 -The size is a bit smaller than a regular size.
Color: Pink, Blue and Beige. 
Material: 100% cotton
Producer: HARTWELL Towel Industry
Made in: Imabari city Ehime Prefecture, Japan 


 -Imabari Baby Washcloths are crafted in IMABARI city Japan, where has led the towel industry for 120 years as the mecca of towel production in Japan.
 -The baby washcloths are fluffy and super absorbent, perfect for babies.
 -The baby washcloths fluff up after you wash. The more you use, the texture increases over time.

Shipping cost:

It may vary depending on a destination or number of sets.
 -A set cost USD29 to most destinations by DHL express. 

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