Japanese Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass/Tumbler Black

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Japanese Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass/Tumbler Black


These exquisite pieces are made by artisans using the Edo Kiriko (cut glass) method in which colors and patterns are cut into the glass. Edo Kiriko is designated by the Japanese government as a traditional national craftwork.

Skilled artisans carefully craft each glass to convey a unique warmth.  Available in two forms, old-fashioned glass or tumbler, these rare works symbolize Tokyo, featuring a black Rokkaku Kagome (hex key woven-bamboo) pattern. Comes packaged in a traditional Japanese-style wooden box.

Product Details

 -Old Fashioned Glass: φ92×95mm (φ3.6×3.7 Inches)
  -Wooden Box: W113×D117×H120mm (4.4x4.6x4.7 Inches)
 -Tumbler: φ75×105mm (φ3.0x4.1 Inches)
  -Wooden Box: W96×D127×H103mm (3.8x5.0x4.1 Inches)
Capacity: Old Fashioned Glass 340ml, Tumbler 220ml
Producer: Tajima Glass
Design: Rokkaku Kagome (hex key woven-bamboo) pattern
Made in: Tokyo, Japan
Material: Lead-free glass
JAN (Japanese Article Number):
Old Fashioned Glass 4582256801526, Tumbler 4582256801502

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Edo Kiriko Old Fashioned Glass/Tumbler Black


About Edo Glass

Edo Glass is a glassmaking technique originating in the Edo Period (1603–1867) that the government has officially designated as a Traditional Japanese Craft.

About Tajima Glass

Since its establishment in 1956, Tokyo-headquartered Tajima Glass has worked to keep the art of Edo Glass alive. They use authentic traditional methods and are active in popularizing this type of glasswork and ensuring its preservation for future generations.

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