Copper Tumbler 380ml

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Copper Tumbler 380ml


Tsubame brand is well known for its polishing and processing technology throughout the world. This high-end cup expresses the beauty of Japan and it is not too much to say this cup represents Japanese tradition. 

Product details:
Size:80×80×H150mm/ 380ml Petit size
Producer: Asahi
Made in: Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture
JAN: 4995284501502

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About Product: Tsubame beaten copper ware (Tsuikidouki). 
This Tsubame pure copper beer stein boasts 5 times the thermal conductivity of iron and 25 times that of stainless steel. Tsubame’s copper beer stein is purpose built to offer you maximum enjoyment and superior taste. With a large 380ml capacity, this copper beer stein is handmade by skilled artisans which means that no two mugs are the same. Each copper beer stein is put through a multi-day process to ensure each piece is impressively unique.​

Set of 2 cups are also available, good gift for your friend or for your family. 
 (Below picture shows 2 cups)

What is Tsuiki copperware? The traditional craft products born in this city is Hand-hammered Tsuiki Copperware. Tsuiki means shaping metal by hand-hammering. A copper plate will be extended using arranged traditional skills and techniques and this will turn it into the shapes of various accessories such as cups, kettles, flower vases and plateware without any joint lines.  

The most attractive features of Tsubame Tsuiki is an art in itself, creates beautiful patterning, and each item has its own unique appearance and characteristics and this is the charm to be found only in a handmade craft. In addition to this, the more you use it, the more the color changes, and luster enhance the texture of the item and gives you a beauty shape.

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