If the shipment arrived in your country and there is no response from you then your shipment will be returned back to Japan. In this case, we will only refund you the product cost but customs charges and taxes and shipping charges will be non-refundable.

After receiving the shipment, if you find any product is missing then you will have 3 business days to inform us. In case, if you didn’t receive your order within 30 business days from purchase date, please contact us immediately. We might not accept the concern if received beyond this timeframe.

In the rare cases, a shipment can be stuck in customs and may need a declaration or additional documents from your side. If you are failed to provide the requested declaration or additional documents then we will not be able to offer any refund from our side because the shipment will be confiscated by the customs authorities.

In the unlikely event, if there are chances that shipment can be returned back to Japan due to incomplete documents from us, then we may refund you the product cost only.

Refused delivery: In this case, we will try to return the shipment back to Japan and return shipping will be deducted from your Product cost. So your refund amount will be Product cost – Return cost = Refund amount. This amount will be refunded to you as soon as the shipment will return back to us. In case, if the product is not returnable back to Japan then, in that case, we won’t offer any refund to you. Since the item will be disposed of by the customs within your country.