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Company name: Omotenashi-Square, LLC 
Principal office: Osaka, Japan
Email address:
Company logo:Using calligraphy brush to associate our company name with Japanese KANJI, and using vermilion to express the national flag color.
Vermilion is known as Kurenai-iro (紅色)that is slightly purple-ish red. Kurenai is a makeup made of natural red pigment derived from safflower.   
Omotenashi Square

Who we are?

Omotenashi-Square, LLC has established under the slogan of “Omotenashi” which express the Japanese traditional hospitality spirit. We would like to contribute to lead the world peace by introducing the goodness of Japan through the traditional Japanese products. We promise to demonstrate the concept of Omotenashi for every one of our guests to the fullest extent.

Omotenashi Square


On September 7, 2013, Tokyo won the bid to host the games for the 2020 Summer Olympics, and the Japanese capital, Tokyo will be hosting a summer edition for the second time.
As a matter of the fact, the 2020 Summer Olympics postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, will likely open on July 23, 2021.
During the presentation by the Japanese members, “OMOTENASHI” was describe as the culture of Japanese hospitality. OMOTENASHI is the spirit of unconditional hospitality that has been passed down to us by our ancestors, one generation to the next. Origin of OMOTENASHI, it has two meanings. The first one comes from the phrase, “MONO WO MOTTE NASHITOGERU”. That means to carry through with something, that is something being a product or service. (or hosting a guest)
We say carry through because it is not just about providing the service or just making the sale, but the entire process beginning with welcome the customer and providing the service and at the end accompanying them and sending them off with doing the best that you can, all that you can.
The second meaning comes from “URA OMOTE NASHI” means that it is not two sided or two faced. OMOTENASHI is a genuine act of hospitality, you are not seeking something in return.
We do have to admit, the spirit of OMOTENASHI isn’t as evident in our daily lives as it probably was back in the day. I do believe our business will raise our consciousness and awareness towards the spirit once again and be able to welcome you with OMOTENASHI that only Japanese people can.

Omotenashi Square

What bring us to start our business?

Especially Tokyo has been recognized for its efficient transportation system, for its cleanliness, and how friendly the people are. Tokyo boasts a spectacular shopping and dining scene. We have been awarded with the most Michelin stars in the entire world. As for Japan, Mt. Fuji, Sakura, Bullet train, Sushi, might come up in mind as Japan’s image. These are in common when you describe Japan or Tokyo.
But we wonder if these are enough to have people know the goodness of Japan? What else can we do for people to experience Japan's many charms and OMOTENASHI?
As such, we started “Omotenashi-Square, LLC” on 25 Nov, 2019 and this is an entity that provides selected Japanese products and spreads a lot of charms of Japan on the internet.
On our website, we introduce selected Japanese products, the producer of the products, the Japanese culture, and all about Japan. Moreover, you can find what you really look for and we provide you with “OMOTENASHI” spirit.
We are confident to spread the charms of Japan with our selected products and information not only to the people who knows Japan but also to the people who never pay attention to Japan before.

Our line of products/producers

We provide not only commodities but selected products such as: 
-Japanese Tableware&Cookware: Lacquer cup, Gold leaf glass, Tumbler and more 
-Japanese Bag&Wallet: New Washi made wallet, Special textile purse and more 
-Japanese accessory: Rag rugs hair tie, Walnut badge and more
-Very Japanese items:Brush pen, Lacquer lunch box, Japanese fan and more

Japanese traditional producers from: 
Kyoto・Nara・Osaka・Wakayama・Ishikawa・Niigata・Yamanashi・Aomori・Ehime, and more from all over Japan. 

Omotenashi Square