Yuzu Citrus Syrup 500ml set of 3 bottles

Product name:

Yuzu Citrus Syrup 500ml set of 3 bottles


Have you already used concentrated 100% Yuzu Citrus syrup yet? If yes, you know its great Yuzu flavor and you have it a lot in your storage. If not, we recommend that you experience its natural Yuzu flavor with our Japanese Yuzu syrup. This Yuzu syrup is MSG-free from Kochi Prefecture, Japan where is the top producer of Yuzu in Japan.

Yuzu is known as taking a bath with yuzu, which are set afloat in the bath, is said to ward off bad luck and bring good luck. This custom began in the Edo period. 

The reason for taking a bath with yuzu is because the yuzu tree is strong against diseases and it has a long life. We take a bath with yuzu to wish for good health and a long life.

Product details:
Capacity: 500ml x 3 bottles
Shipping cost: It may vary depends on the area we deliver.
  e.g. To the United States, USD45 for a set
Ingredients: Yuzu (Kochi Prefecture) and Sugar beet (Hokkaido) 
Flavor: Additive-free, fragrant, but also sour and tart
Producer: Shimanto Domeki Company
Made in: Kochi Prefecture, Japan

Important note: Please note that customs charge or taxes are not included in our product price. Any customs charges or taxes upon delivery are solely the responsibility of the customer. About Product: 
Recommendation: Mix 1 part Yuzu syrup with 6 to 7 equal parts water.
Storage: Shelf Stable, See Best By Date, Refrigerate After Opening. 
Yuzu ingredients may precipitate or float, but this does not affect product quality. Shake well before opening.

It is up to you to enjoy great way to use the syrup not only for Yuzu syrup and soda but for,  
-Shaken in Cocktails
The syrup is so tart and strong that you only need a little to add a punch of flavor.
-Whisked into a Salad Dressing
Just like lemon or lime juice adds acidity and freshness to dressings, yuzu syrup does the same.
-Used in a Dipping Sauce or Marinade
-or As you like!

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